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Putting You and Your Oral Health First

At Village Green Family Dental, we put the oral health of you and your family first. Our team of dedicated dental professionals are here to provide you with the care and services to help you love your smile.

Let us show you that we take the "Family" in our name to heart.

About Us
New Location


New Location, Familiar Faces

While our location may have changed, we continue to be patient-centred and committed to providing you with the resources needed to help you achieve and keep a healthy smile.

With our commitment to you in mind, we are pleased to announce that we have officially moved to our new location – a mere hop, skip, and a jump away. At our new space, we provide:

Accessible Parking Space



  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Accessible washroom

  • Located on the main level

  • Payment options with high-contrast displays and audible prompts

Free & Convenient Parking


  • Parking is now onsite and it's free!

Dentist Chair
Dental Equipment

New Technology


  • We have new technology in house to help us expand your treatment options

More Clinical Space


  • With more rooms, we can now offer more appointments

Larger Reception Area


  • With a larger reception area, we have a growing reception team at the ready to assist you, and more seating

Other Amenities


  • Our staff can be quite entertaining, but we can also stream your favourite TV shows during restorative appointments

Treasure Box


  • Don’t worry kids – we still have you covered!

Visit us for your next appointment!

Happy Family


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Office Hours

Village Green Family Dental

190 Wortley Road, Suite #104

London, Ontario | N6C 4Y7



Monday         9AM — 5PM

Tuesday         8AM — 7PM

Wednesday   8AM — 7PM   

Thursday       9AM — 5PM

Friday             8AM — 2PM

Saturday        9AM — 2PM

  • Two minutes drive from the previous location

  • In the heart of Wortley Village

  • Main floor

  • Free parking

  • Use the back entrance for quickest access

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